renting The Well Wagon

The Well Wagon will be unavailable for renting from August 20th 2022 through May 20th 2023.

for any trailer renting inquiries, please fill out the form under the "contact us" page!

renting for your business

beginning and growing a business can easily become overwhelming. we are here to help you end that! by renting The Well Wagon trailer for specific dates and times, you are obtaining no risk AND creating publicity, a larger market, and experience. today, providing convenience for your customers is an extremely valued factor among businesses. so bring your business to your customers, rather than making your customers come to you! fill out the form on the "contact us" page to see if we are available for the dates that you need us! additionally, our job is to promote your business as much as we can — let us help you grow!

renting for fun

have an event you're planning? let's make it memorable! The Well Wagon has such a versatile interior, it can be used in countless ways. hire your favorite bartenders to serve craft cocktails at your party; dress the trailer up for a western party & serve bbq through the window; use The Well Wagon to provide food and drink at a senior party. the options are endless! to rent, all you have to do is pay a flat-rate hourly fee and set-up service.

renting for a long time

making long-term business decisions can be one of the most stressful parts of being an entrepreneur. unsure of where to begin, but ready to get started in some way? look no further, this is the place for you! with month-to-month leasing of The Well Wagon, you can begin your business without the expense of leasing and committing to a long-term space. email us today if you are interested in becoming a Well Wagon "tenant." we would love to talk you through the process and requirements of becoming leasing our trailer!

a look inside....

The Well Wagon was originally a 1970 two-horse bumper pull trailer. we have converted it into a "risk two" level health-department-approved food trailer. inside, we have two countertops, one long shelf, a storage cabinet, two fridges, a 3 compartment sink, a hand-washing sink, 5 sets of outlets, as well as full electricity and running water. it's all that you need and more!